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Why Revenue Based Finance Right for You?

Revenue funding offers equity to business owners and, in exchange, owners pay an ongoing share of future revenues from their business.

This is the kind of financing structures that are meant to fund future subscription revenue in return for a percentage of the gross revenue currently underway. If you have any doubts regarding finance then you can get more information about revenue based financing at

Revenue lending has nothing to do with ownership. In this, the owner can access cash without the investor's control. This financing can often be described sitting in between a bank loan, which typically requires collateral or assets, and ventures capital or angel investment, which involves the equity portion of the business that is sold in exchange for the investment.

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This is the kind of financing suitable for a fast-growing company that generates high recurring monthly revenue. So this is a great funding for early-stage firms with high revenue growth.

Lenders or creditors are allowed to lend based on the assets of the company. It would take into account everything in this bank, including their personal credit.

RBF can provide significant advantages for business owners requiring two businesses attribute, i.e. revenue generation, as payment is made from that revenue.

As banks tighten up the lending rules, business owners need to access working capital to grow their business. The best options for this, such as investment sales, will help business owners along the way.