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What to Pack for Indonesia?


Tourists who have traveled to Indonesia understand and appreciate how awesome this country really is. Comprised of delicious food, tons of beautiful islands and beaches, spectacularly made modern shopping malls are just a few reasons that make Indonesia worth a visit. However, when it comes to packing many amateurs tend to make a lot of mistakes. If you happen to travel to Indonesia in the next coming days, then consider bringing these items along with you. 

  1. Scarf – A scarf is a must especially for women. This item is required to be worn while visiting religious places. Moreover, this item becomes really handy when it comes to storing cash, passports and other important documents. It also acts as a pillow while sleeping inside the aircraft.
  2. Sleeping Pills – If you happen to be one of those who face jet-lags during the travel, then getting sleeping pills help. Make sure you bring them only under the prescription of a doctor. If you cannot get a hold of prescribed sleeping pills, then try to get melatonin which is available OTC.
  3. Sunscreen – Indonesian weather tends to be on the humid side especially during the dry season. Make sure you get a sunscreen of SPF15 plus that will offer protection against the sun rays.
  4. Waterproof Camera – Instead of bringing your own DSLR cameras, try getting a waterproof camera. GoPro is a widely popular action camera that captures not only great pics but also footage. Moreover, this camera is waterproof which means you don’t need to worry about water spills.

Along with these items, consider getting the best package for your Indonesia tour.