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What Marketing Automation Means?

Defining Prospects + Contact Details + Campaign = Marketing is the most basic formula for any market.

The process of automating these steps using the aid of software and technology transforms the process into marketing Automation. You can look for the best marketing automation services to scale your business online.

The Benefits of Real Estate Marketing Automation - Loopa Automate

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This means that using enterprise software, one or all steps of marketing are automated by a computer or an application this is known as automated marketing.

Beginning of Marketing Automation

At the beginning of the internet and computers, when they were relatively new and didn't have the same maturity in the same way they are today, marketing firms used to create an extensive list of potential customers and then send them the same messages one at a time.

Then someone created a function that allowed people could list all email addresses in one email, and then send out an entire email.

It is the initial Marketing Automation attempt as the system had already automated a portion of the campaign. There was no longer a need to mail each one at a time. This was done in one click.


The advantages of marketing automation include:

  • It speeds up the entire campaign immensely.
  • Marketing Intelligence enables you to focus on prospects who have a higher likelihood of conversion.
  • Your employees are provided with great assistance to help locate and assist the most enthusiastic potential customer. This is why they go to the end of the road to ensure that another sale is completed.
  • The precise stats and analytics aid you in becoming better and better at every campaign.