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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the implementation of certain methods that help your website to rank higher in organic (or “natural”) search engine results, therefore making your website more visible to people who are searching for your product or service in the search engines.



Identifying keywords/key phrases is an important primary step in implementing a successful SEO strategy. This takes place in the initial research and analysis phase and lays the foundation for a solid SEO campaign.Keywords need to be evaluated and subjected to a phase of selection criteria which include:

• Verifying keyword terms/phrases have adequate search volume

• Ensuring the chosen keyword terms are relevant to your business/service

• Analyzing the levels of competition in your industry for specified keywords


On-page optimization is a critical yet often overlooked element of SEO. If you only do on-page optimization then you're limiting your sites opportunities for growth. The Search engines rank websites based on their authority and relevance to the search terms as well as your competitions. On-page optimization establishes relevance, while building inbound links generates authority.

While off-page optimization provides much greater SEO benefits, on-page optimization is really the initial step to SEO strategy. However, search engines can't proclaim your website relevant to your keywords if you haven't established what your web pages are all about.

On-page optimization is basically about two things:

• Selecting the best keywords to base your web pages about

• Structuring your pages so that the search engines are clear that your pages are relevant to targeted keywords.


Off-page SEO is about building inbound links from relevant websites. These inbound links are like "votes" to your website. Not only are these links building authority and ranking but they're also a source of traffic to your site which is just as important.

Building links to your website is not about quantity but also quality. I'd much rather have low volume of linking of quality links than a higher volume of poor quality links. It's also important to obtain a diverse selection of links.

There are two main benefits gained through the link building process:

1. Greater SEO authority of the linked-to page and increase in authority of the site

2. Greater relevancy of the web page for the chosen keywords that are used in the link building

If you are in need of a SEO professional near you, be sure to use the tips before hiring anyone.