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Vision Therapy For Preschool Children

Vision therapy can be used to treat vision problems in grade school students. Since I am a Behavioral Optometrist, I have been working with children with learning disabilities and vision therapy for more than 20 years. I see the benefits of the right techniques almost every single day. However, I get asked often if vision therapy works for preschoolers.

Vision therapy can be a powerful tool for improving visual skills. eyesight treatment for kids is much more about what optometrists measure than it is about the child's actual performance. This contrasts with traditional eye exercises that are purely for improving eye coordination and focus.

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To help children overcome learning disabilities, it is important to invest time and effort in developing vision skills in vision therapy. Vision therapy is more than just eye exercises. It involves developing skills in vision therapy such as eye movements, focus, eye coordination, visualization, recall, directionality, and cross patterning. 

Eye movements are essential for children to read and avoid misreading words, skipping lines, or misreading them. Children can focus and coordinate their eyes to concentrate on schoolwork. Children can visualize and recall sight words and spellings, which gives them a wide vocabulary that will help them read. 

Children with learning disabilities can overcome reversals by writing backward letters. Cross Patterning allows children both to use their brains efficiently. Vision therapy can be used to help preschoolers and younger children who might have signs of learning disabilities. These skills are important and should be developed in this age group.