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Video Gaming Technology Takes Strides Forward

One technology that can provide plenty of fun, entertainment and even social connection is the video gaming platform. Since Atari and other gaming platforms first emerged around 30 years ago the industry of video gaming has been trying to create more efficient and superior devices that keep gamers engaged in everything they feature they have to provide.

There have been a lot of technological breakthroughs in gaming technology throughout the years which is why we have today video game consoles with optical disc drives huge quantities of RAM, as well as several computer processors operating in parallel. You can also read the latest news on video game technology via

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The main gamers in the sector were Atari and Intellivision as well as later Nintendo and Sega however, now the battle is essentially the Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony's Play Station 3. Both of these products share a lot in they have both various processors, integrated hard drives, an optical disc drives, the capability of connecting to Internet and have stunning graphics that can be upscaled to HDTV resolutions.

One of the things they share is the capability to play high-definition DVDs on HDTV sets, which makes them high-definition DVD players. These High Definition DVD formats are competing since there is a difference between the Play Station 3 plays Sony's Blu-ray high-definition DVD format, while The Xbox 360 plays Toshiba's HD-DVD format. 

The ways in which these two devices do this is somewhat different. The Xbox 360's capability to play high-definition DVDs comes via an optional HD-DVD player that is connected to the unit by cable, while the Play Station 3 comes with Blu-ray drives that are that is installed.