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Upcycle Old CDs Into Something Beautiful

What should you do with the older CDs that you can not use anymore? There is a long tradition of creating art from older CDs. CD crafts and arts are now increasingly popular as the significance of recycling has increased. Have a look at these tips for making artwork from older CDs.

The basic procedure is simple. Decorate one side of this CD as required. Cut a sensed circle the Identical size as the CD. Glue the felt circle into the undecorated side of this CD.

You can also create a photo collage by pasting pictures to cover the front of this CD. Cover with clear glue paper. Paint a layout with oil paints. Create a 3-D CD coaster by cutting pieces of 2-3 CDs, and topping the heap using a transparent spacer CD. 

Similarly, you can make creative things out of waste materials. If you want to know more regarding the upcycling methods, then you can browse the web.


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Did you know that you can also make a disco ball out of old CDs? There are many distinct variations of CD Disco Balls available that range from Christmas decoration dimensions to full-size balls. Again, the fundamental procedure for producing disco balls from older CDs is the same, regardless of the size.

Create an open frame from wood or some other substance. Space cup hooks equally combined in the top and bottom borders of the framework.

String CDs collectively with varying lengths of monofilament threads. 

Make as many strands of CDs because there are pairs of pins. Stretch down to loop the base end of this strand across the base hook, which makes sure to maintain the strand straightened.