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Types and Uses of Wall Mount Brackets

Wall mounts are a popular device and are widely used in homes, offices and public places such as hospitals and train stations. This device is used to mount various electronic devices which need to be wall mounted or hung for proper display.

The most popular and widely used mounting bracket is for mounting LCD and plasma TVs.You can visit this website for more information.

There are different types of mounting brackets depending on the intended use and application. There are three main types of brackets on the market today for attaching LCD TVs, Plasma TVs and larger screens. You are:

Regular TV stand – This is the most popular and widely used stand. They helped us position the LCD and plasma TVs horizontally at the peak of the visit. Regular TV stands are popular for home use where people want to mount their plasma or LCD TV on the wall for better viewing.

Tilt TV Mount – The Tilt TV mount is for places where people prefer to watch TV at an angle. They are mainly used in public places where the display device is installed at a height. They are even vulnerable to theft and damage from excessive public interference.

Hanging Stand – Hanging TV stand is another subtype of tilt stand. The only difference is that they are ceiling-mounted while the other brackets are wall-mounted.

Choosing a bracket for your LCD or plasma TV is an important task. Because you need to combine the perfect mount, designed and manufactured specifically for your make and model. Other brackets made for a different make or model will not fit your LCD or Plasma TV.