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Tooth Extraction- Causes, Procedure, and Aftercare

Tooth extraction is assumed to be among the most dreaded processes in dentistry. Patients have a premise that it is a really painful process that's built from the horror stories that they heard about. But, it is not like that.

Why Would a Tooth Need to be Extracted?

You could be asking and thinking yourself why the dentist would like to eliminate your tooth if there appears that there is no clear issue with tooth decay. 

Dentists are professionals that identify dental ailments and conditions and opt to get rid of a tooth just if there's not any hope of saving the tooth. If the tooth isn't eliminated, the dental illness can progress and lead to additional harmful consequences in the affected area. 


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Various dental ailments make the elimination of tooth decay necessary. 

A number of them are:

-Tooth decay developed in the teeth that destroyed furcation regions.

-Tooth decay that has ruined so much section of the tooth it is not possible to rebuild the tooth utilizing dental materials.

-Mobility of tooth caused because of bone loss around the teeth.

-Extraction of a wholesome tooth to generate area as part of dental therapy.

-Teeth that are affected.

– The teeth that are not positioned correctly, causing injury to surround structures and can not be treated with dental therapy.