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Tips for a Fun and Memorable Wine Tasting

A fun way to learn more about different wines-especially those you normally wouldn't buy on your own-is to host a wine tasting in your home. You can choose the best primary wine course if you want to become a wine tasting professional. Here are a few tips for a fun and educational wine tasting:

Tip 1: Choose someone for the job

When starting a wine tasting club for business, personality matters. Don't invite people who have good relationships but with poor skills; they will kill your show. Instead, invite coworkers who can share business contacts and have a good conversation. It only takes a few good people to make a club dynamic. 

Tip 2: create a topic

An easy way to bring your event to life is to create a theme. For example, focus on a particular type or region of wine. How about Italian taste? Or a champagne celebration with French cheese? Why not combine white wine with summer fruit? Appetizers and cheeses are easy to serve and encourage mixing.

Tip 3: get the word out the

Networked groups are successful because people are used to attending regular events. Put everyone on an email list and send reminders a month, two weeks, and then two days before the event to make sure people remember them.

Tip 4: share fun things

Hosts don't have to do everything – they don't even have to. Inviting your guests to participate will lighten the load while making your guests feel important. Ask your guests to bring a bottle of wine, a starter, or both. You might also consider printing out the schedule and asking for volunteers to host upcoming events; people will take this opportunity. 

Tip 5: keep going

Here's a successful idea to break the ice: Appreciate your wine! Distribute wine rating cards so guests can share their thoughts. Pour out the wine one at a time and ask for group feedback. Or let the guests try the available wines, vote for their favorites, after which the winning wine will be chosen at the end of the event.