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The New Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet

Kindle Fire has a dual-core processor, and although it does not look like a Google android tablet, the android application works very well. It does not have the system requirements for wireless. It has a 7-inch color touch screen and all your Amazon content can be stored in the cloud for free.

An attractive introductory price has reached a wider audience than other tablets on the market. One of the reasons the tablet can be offered at a low price because it has 8GB of storage which is about half of the deposit base of other tablets. If you are looking for more information about amazon kindle fire then you can contact us.

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Kindle Fire also lacks support for 3G networks, but WiFi capable. You can use it in a WiFi hotspot where you can stream movies, TV shows, and other content from Amazon's cloud.

Kindle Fire tablet also has a web browser so you can surf the web. Amazon uses a new type of browser called Amazon Silk. Amazon Silk is what tablet attached to the network cloud. It's like a traditional browser but is faster, because it saves a lot of the most popular sites in the Cloud, anticipating the user's request.

When it comes to creating content, Kindle Fire does not have a camera or a microphone. But it does not let you email word documents and pdf documents to your Kindle so you can read them anywhere, anytime.