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The Importance of Early Schooling in a Child’s Life

Studies show the direct impact of preschool education on children in the first 5 years of life. Children absorb knowledge and continue to learn every day. It is important to instill the idea of education and learning from a very early age, even before they enter pre-school.

It helps young minds develop an interest in learning and prepares them for formal schooling. It is important to introduce your children to preschool skills and intellectual education programs that will provide a solid foundation that will last a lifetime. You can also find an early education school in the Netherlands using the internet.

Well-designed preschool programs lead to long-term improvements in academics. These include higher proficiency test scores, lower retention rates, and higher educational attainment. Research also shows that starting learning early increases a child's achievement over the years in elementary school, dramatically reduces dropout rates from high school or college, and excels as an adult.

Early education ideas can also be introduced through daily reading. Early reading is essential to developing a good readership. It is beneficial to start reading to your child early in school. Children who start reading before first grade maintain their advantage in reading and comprehension. Early readers are also more likely to excel in other academic subjects.

Increasing public awareness concerning the importance of preschool education for children can yield significant educational, social, economic, and educational benefits.