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The Best Pre- Insulated HVAC Products

Modern pre-insulated HVAC duct procedures have a tendency to contain superior performance coupling systems, manufacture procedures and also a lineup of fittings to maintain superior HVAC ductwork. A glass wool duct board is applied to offer builtin noise absorption and thermal insulating material, therefore there isn't any demand for more pre insulating material to be inserted when the duct was manufactured.

pre insulated duct

Fiber-free pre insulated duct material might be employed to minimize the probability of loose fibers which go into the air stream through the duct work, and also this improves indoor air quality for occupants in contrast to numerous existing insulants that in a few cases create loose fibers once in touch with the air stream. 

Besides their principal aim of air conditioning through thermal insulating material, these ducts additionally help improve overall energy efficiency. 

Options for Pre-insulated HVAC Duct : 

PIR Foam Pre coated HVAC Duct : This is a great alternative to classic sheet duct board and can be ideal where weight and space are not restricted. Galvanized sheet steel ducting takes two steps during setup to guarantee vapor sealing and thermal insulating material of this duct-work however PIR foam air-conditioning offers good performance combined with a light weight system which needs an individual fix. 

Phenolic Foam insulated HVAC Duct : These panels within this kind of duct can contain 20mm thickness phenolic foam insulating material that's also faced on each side with 80micron thickness aluminum foil to the interior, together with 200micron galvanized iron onto the exterior. Other aspects including compression durability, thermal conductivity running temperatures are well suited for home usage.