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Testimonials Can Attract You More Sales

Testimonials are a great way for customers to learn about your products, services, and capabilities. Coming from a third party they certainly add more credibility to your business. You can look for the best testimonial video company via to get a testimonials service.

How to Leverage Testimonial Examples in Paid Campaigns

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Here are ways you can utilize customer testimonials:

1. Keep a word document building to attach to quotes and tenders

Build a word document as you receive testimonials, put the testimonial itself in quotes, and add the name, title, and business name of the person giving the testimonial. 

2. Add a page or toggle testimonials around your website

Prospective clients are reading your website to glean more information about you, so this is a perfect place to promote your testimonials. Set up a complete page devoted to testimonials, or if your website has the capability, you can store the complete list and have them toggle around. 

3. Use testimonials as an intriguing statement

Turn a testimonial around to say something to spike a client's interest. A perfect way to sell your services is on a flyer, brochure, or website.

4. A collection of grabs from testimonials

You could choose a few short strings of words from several testimonials that sum up your business and display them on your brochure or website like excerpts. Always add the name and details, as previously mentioned, if you cannot display full details, it looks fabricated.