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Health Benefits of Drinking Brewed Tea

While the cold and flu season may be over, they are late spring and early summer colds can make you miserable. Many people also suffer from allergies that can make them miserable like dust and pollen into the air.

Pharmacy shelves filled with over the counter drugs that offer to heal and cure any condition you can come up with. But modern chemicals and drugs are not the only way to get relief from health conditions. You can buy tea to help anxiety attacks via

According to a study conducted at the University of Shizuoka in Japan, drinking tea has been proven to prevent the flu and the different strains of cold viruses, improve cardiovascular health, and improve disease resistance daily.


The study of nursing home residents in Japan who have a high likelihood of disease arrests show that people who drink green tea three times a day were much less likely to have contracted a new disease.

By drinking tea several times a day, people are able to withstand disease and improve immune system function. The benefits of green tea are not the only reason to enjoy drinking herbal tea-green tea is one of the most flavorful drinks you can enjoy.

You can receive the benefits of drinking green tea with hot or cold, and when you brew green tea in a teapot, you will find that it was releasing the soothing scent that will make your home feel a little like a spa.

You can experience the health benefits of tea to buy herbal tea in loose form and brewing at home in a teapot. Although you can also use the tea found in the bag, the tea leaves are often more powerful because it has not been processed as much.