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Professorially-Installed 3M Paint Protection

Your car is one of your greatest assets. Protect with the latest 3M protective varnish film professionally installed by an auto parts specialist. While damaging the exterior paint of your vehicle will not affect its performance, it can adversely affect the resale value of your car, truck, or SUV.

Our team of experts in auto parts and paint restoration can help you prevent these damage and defects by applying advanced 3M protective paint. You can also get the 3M xpel protection services in Edmonton. With great care, great attention to detail, and a tireless commitment to ensuring high-quality workmanship, he applies protective films to paints of all makes and models to offer the best possible solution.

3m protective film

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With 3M paint protection, vehicle owners get the best line of defense against the leading causes of auto paint damage. Installing a 3M paint protector in your car offers the following advantages:

1. All-in-one protection against sawdust, road salt, insect splashing, and other harmful street litter

2. The original operation of the paint truck is maintained to ensure maximum resale value

3. CompletelyInvisible

4. It is maintenance-free and allows for a regular washing system

5. Does not use chemical adhesives

6. It can be removed from vehicle paint at any time without damaging it

Regardless of the type of vehicle you drive – whether it's a small compact car or a large SUV – the dedicated team for auto parts and paint protectors is equipped for 3M's patented paint protection product.