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Visit The Great Ocean Road in Australia

Geelong is the easiest way to access Victoria's Great Ocean Road. It officially starts at Torquay and ends at Nelson. The road's location was first surveyed in 1918. It was built by 3000 soldiers II between 1919-1932 as a monument to the fallen servicemen of World War II. You can search online to plan the trip for 12 Apostles, Great Otways & Great Ocean Road day tour via Hike & Seek.

The Ultimate Guide to Hiking the Great Ocean Walk in Australia - Road Affair

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The Great Ocean Road is an iconic and beautiful drive in Australia and around the globe. It stretches for 273km and is divided into three sections for Victorian state tourism purposes: The Surf Coast and Otways and Shipwreck Coast, Discovery Coast, and Shipwreck Coast. 

The Surf Coast covers approximately 100km and includes popular tourist destinations such as Torquay and Lorne. You will find great beaches, swimming spots, and the famous Bells Beach where you can compete against other surfers from all over the globe. There are also many historic maritime sites, lush forests, waterfalls, and wonderful restaurants.

The Shipwreck Coast, as its name implies, claimed many vessels during early navigation of Australia's coastline by English, French and Dutch sailors. 

The Twelve Apostles, Loch Ard, and Bay of Islands are all prominent landmarks along the Great Ocean Road. They also have a stunning, naturally sculpted coastline. You will also find small villages, cropped views, and inland cascades as the Shipwreck Coast Road pass through until it reaches Warrnambool, the main town. 

There are many attractions along the route but none are quite as exciting as whale watching. Each year, the whales migrate south from June to September.