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ovarian cancer

Detect The Potential Link Between Talc And Ovarian Cancer

Ladies who use talcum powder or baby powder must know that it can put their health at risk. Talcum powder can cause ovarian cancer if the particles of the powder travel from the genital area to the ovaries.

Some research suggests that the use of powder with older women can also increase their risk of endometrial cancer.

In recent years, women in New York, New Jersey and across the country have filed a product liability lawsuit against the manufacturer of baby powder. You can also head to to know more about the talcum powder cancer lawsuit.

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If anyone is diagnosed with ovarian cancer after you've used the powder, then, one should learn about the legal rights and options.

You are eligible for the compensation for your medical expenses, pain and suffering, and other damages.

Concerns About Talcum Powder

Powder is a product made from talc, which is a mineral consisting mainly of elements of magnesium, silicon, and oxygen. The powder absorbs moisture and helps in keeping the skin dry. The two groups face the potential risk of cancer from exposure to talc is:

Individuals exposed fiber powder as part of their work (such as talc miners) to develop lung cancer from inhaling fibers. Women who regularly use talcum powder in the genital area that may be at risk of developing ovarian cancer.

At the same time, doctors say that women who are concerned about cancer risk may have to stop using baby powder.