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organic sesame seed butter

Sesame’s Antioxidant Benefits: Powerful cholesterol-reducing and Blood pressure-reducing Properties

Sesame seeds and other related products, such as Bela, tahini hummus, sesame bread or bagels, sesame seed butter, sesame seed oil, etc are good for the health. All these products are beneficial to lower your cholesterol level and blood pressure. 

Sesame has a strong antioxidant system and its oil is extracted from the cold pressing technique which doesn’t harm its natural properties. Sesame seed butter is great to use especially in winters. Everyone should use ingredients made from sesame as they provide huge health benefits.

Our body’s largest gland, the endothelium covers the internal walls and blood vessels. Numerous scientific studies have shown that the endothelium is an important part of our cardiovascular system functions. It also plays a role in various functions such as the contraction and dilation of blood vessels, the inflammatory process, and the development of atherosclerosis.

Certain foods, nutrients, and alcohol can trigger some of the endothelial cells’ stimuli that affect blood vessel function. Exercise and smoking can also stimulate endothelial cell function. Studies have shown that patients with hypertension can benefit from the consumption of sesame oils immediately after consuming a meal containing sesame oil. 

.These studies have shown that sesame oil and sesame seeds are high in nutritional value and possess antihypertensive, antioxidant, and other properties due to their sesamin contents. These findings are especially important because of the critical role of endothelial function in the progression and onset of atherosclerosis.