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Top 9 Effective Ways to Relieve Your Stomach of Bloating

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Bloating is an uncomfortable feeling and you need to fix it quickly to feel good and flatten your stomach. It is caused due to gas generated in your body when you consume soft drinks, fermented food, and overeat. It can happen in the colon but generally occurs in the small intestine. Let’s understand the essential methods to break down bloating and feel good again.

  1. Skip dairy products for 1 day because these foods are referred to as bloating foods for the person who has an aversion.
  2. In the morning, drink a glass of lemon or hot water. It is good for stimulating the body, is great for your liver, and also releases digestive juices.
  3. Yoga is an amazing solution to detoxify your body and you should do it in the morning.
  4. Increase the intake of water, as it helps flush toxins from the body. You can set an alarm on your mobile phone that reminds you to drink a glass of water every hour.
  5. Slowly chew your food because when you eat food very fast, the air gets trapped in your system causing bloating.
  6. Take only 1 cup of peppermint or mint tea. Both the teas are refreshing and soothing and are also good for de-bloating.
  7. Take a few good probiotics as they contain live organisms that improve the method in which your food is broken down. They also help extract nutrients and minerals. Try organic yogurt, sauerkraut, and kombucha.
  8. Sleep early as much as possible as it aids in regulating metabolism.
  9. Follow the rule of 80/20, don’t eat when your stomach is 80% full. Leave some space in your digestive system for digestion.

On top of all, buy only from organic shops in Brisbane to ensure you are eating healthy and nutritious.