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Online Programming Assessment Test

Employee Recruitment, Retention And Engagement Strategies

A popular TV series showcased CEOs working as rank and file employees at their companies. Often these CEOs were unable to do the everyday jobs that are critical to their company.

More than one CEO was fired from their own company for failing to be able to do such seemingly simple work as packing an order into a box. On other shows, the CEOs were surprised at how hard and unfulfilling the jobs were. This experience often caused the CEO to make relevant sweeping changes to their companies.

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What we often call the working people's jobs is what makes many companies operate (or not.) These are valuable jobs to employers. To employees though these jobs are often neither rewarding, fulfilling nor even well- paying although they are important to employees too in that these jobs while not the jobs of dreams, are the jobs that "pay the rent."

These are the in-between jobs, just for now jobs, second jobs, or perhaps the jobs in which people for whatever reason deem themselves stuck. Because these jobs are not so much a career as it is just working.

In many offices, jobs are often not the job of which people dreamed. Take for example bank teller, a low-paying job, especially considering its responsibility, professionalism, physical requirements, its danger of robbery, and even the clothing requirements of such a job.