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Adjustable Shackles Have Evolved A Lot Over The Centuries

Shackles, like most tools, have evolved a lot over the years, but some things remain the same. Shackles mainly used to hold prisoners.

Today, the shackles are used everywhere from private homes to multi-million dollar businesses. They are simple tools that serve different purposes. You can buy adjustable shackles from

Some of the most common shackles are a simple U-shaped metal band with a hinged lock at the bottom. The problem with this is that they are not adjusted. So many times, they will be forced on detainees and will cause permanent damage due to being too tight. Today they are designed to be adjusted such as police handcuffs classical or even new ones.

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From prison to mark new stores today, the shackles have come a long way. They are also stepping outside the box "cages" and used and recognized in everyday life.

You can find shackles everywhere in today's society. From lock to secure your bike that hangs from your child's backpack, they are everywhere.

Designed to secure the two items are separate from each other, shackles are one of the most varied tools around today. Do they hold the two long-chains together to support the swing or used as a fashion statement, the fact is they are here to stay. Look around next time you are out and see how many you can find.