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nec formula lawsuit

NEC Baby Formula Lawsuits

If your baby was born prematurely and suffered from necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) after being given infant formula at the ICU or in a hospital, then Attorneys at Law might be able to assist. Your situation may allow you to bring effective NEC formula lawsuits against the manufacturer for the Baby Formula that caused your baby to get NEC.

NEC is a fatal illness that affects newborns and their intestinal tracts. It typically occurs in infants who receive formula instead of breast milk during the two weeks that they are born. The intestinal wall is infiltrated by bacteria and inflammation begins to develop.

The inflammation that is caused by necrotizing enterocolitis causes destruction of tissue and ultimately death of the intestinal. If a bowel disease leads to perforation, bacteria could get into the infant's bloodstream, causing more severe consequences.

It could result in the formation of a gap or fracture, which allows bacteria to enter the abdominal. This can cause serious complications and even death if not treated.

Happily, NEC can be a very rare illness. It is estimated that one out of every 2,000-4,000 newborns suffers from it. While it could affect every newborn, it's typically seen in premature infants with a weight of under 3.25 pounds. Premature babies or those at high risk who are fed formula through tubes or mouths could also be at risk.

In premature infants who are hospitalized at or above the age of two weeks old, NEC causes the majority of deaths. NEC is more prevalent for premature babies and those with heart issues such as. Parents of premature babies with indications of NEC could have the potential to receive financial help.