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Ozone Discectomy In Curing Spinal Problems

Ozone therapy is also known as ozone discectomy or ozone nucleolysis. This therapy is used to treat caries diseases such as disc hernia (disc hernia), spondylosis, nerve root compression, and pain in joint veneers.

All of these diseases are associated with the spinal cord. Click over here to get medical ozone therapy.

Ozone dissectomy was developed in Italy and has since become a very popular medical treatment with a success rate of 80% to 90% and a complication rate of nearly 0% compared to medical surgery. Therefore, this medical discovery is very safe and effective.

As a strong oxidizing agent, ozone readily dissolves in excess cellular fluids. It then reacts with a number of molecules found in antioxidants, carbohydrates, protein and fatty acids, and more.

During ozone discectomy, ozone is injected into our intervertebral discs. Immediately after injection, ozone (O3) dissociates into molecular oxygen (O2) and after a while causes the disc to shrink and mummify, freeing the compressed nerve roots. This will reduce pain.

At the same time, ozone has an anti-inflammatory effect on our body. Hence, venous edema and congestion are reduced and blood supply improves.

Intradiscal ozone injection is usually not repeated. Faceted joints or nerve roots usually require 4-6 injections once a week. However, this injection is injected into the paravertebral space.