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Impact Of Business Intelligence

Business intelligence (BI) improves and maximizes customer service and loyalty. The processing of customer information will help the company better serve its customers in several ways.

The business intelligence system provides the company an overview of customers by classifying them according to different criteria such as age, address, income, etc., so that the company can deliver products according to their customer needs.

You can choose software to optimize collective intelligence of your business in order to increase business profit.

Assess competitors, increase market share

BI cop production comparison percentage of revenue, number of customers, etc., the company as opposed to other rivals by gathering information outside the company.

If the contestant launches a certain campaign, the company can use BI to measure sales and number of customers, and then compare the level of attraction of the campaign; if the number of customers decreased significantly, but sales are not very much diminished, that means, and vice versa the competitor's campaign only attracts customers with low value.

Accordingly, the company can learn from competitors and make a plan to attract valuable customers.

In conclusion, the BI solution was brought significant benefits to companies with the ability to analyze the indicators intelligently and quickly. Prospectively, in collaboration with the appearance of ERP, CRM, BI will be the next choice of many companies in the field of management.