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How To Select a Primary Care Physician in Charlotte

Let me start by saying that I have worked in healthcare for my entire professional life. I have spent a lot of time working with doctors and thought leaders in the pharmaceutical industry so I was able to evaluate their credentials. This was how I approached the selection of my primary caregiver for my health insurance company.

I was able to access their network via my laptop, and only a physical address, hospital affiliation, and specialty were displayed. I was hoping that they would provide more information with their "telephone book"-sized directory that they sent later in the week. However, I quickly thumbed through the pages and was surprised to find no additional information!

However, today with the availability of the internet, it is way easier to find your potential direct primary care doctor. If you are living in Charlotte then you can consider choosing Art of Medicine Direct for the best direct primary care services.

My view is that a potential candidate should offer the following:

1. Institutions of learning, medical school, and undergraduate schools (class ranking would be nice…but not often).

2. Hospital for their residency

3. Certifications for board members

4. CME (continuing medical education requirements current)

5.  Higher degrees in their field. After a few periods of CME, a doctor can decide to practice Plastic Surgery.

6. Current hospital affiliations

It is an indication of times when insurance companies try to make physicians a commodity…consciously or unconsciously. When buying a car, many people do extensive research. They go online to find the latest magazines, check out dealerships, and get the tires…same goes for the direct primary care physicians. It is interesting to me that people tend to spend less time and effort selecting their primary care physician.

The world is filled with highly qualified physicians who are talented, and well trained, however, the onus is on us to find them, and once we do become a compliant and dutiful patient partner!