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BTS clothes

A Look At The BTS Members Fashion Styles

BTS is known for its eye-catching fashion in music videos, photoshoots, and epic live performances. But even when stylists aren’t helping them suit up, the members have gained reputations as fashionistas in their own right through their day-to-day style.

Behind all the glamor and glitter of the stage, the BTS members have cultivated their own distinct fashion senses, as unique as each of the seven guys themselves. Delving into airport fashion, V Live looks, daily outfit tweets, and more, let’s decode the BTS clothing merch styles!


Starting with the oldest member, Jin’s fashion tends to be clean-cut and put-together, for dignified looks that are befitting of the eldest Hyung. He likes clothing with simple designs, which makes for elegant outfits that accentuate his model-like figure. Jin’s taste is also high-end, he has expressed a love of luxury fashion brands. Simple shouldn’t be confused with boring, though Jin has a playful personality that he allows to shine through in his fashion choices from time to time. 


Suga likes to keep it comfortable, favoring clothing that is oversized and cozy. His style is a unique mix of brands, while he loves Japanese streetwear brands, he can often be found sporting bags, shoes, and accessories from high fashion designers. True to his generally chill personality, Suga tends to stick to a muted color palette in his clothing. 


It’s no surprise that J-Hope’s fashion sense matches his exuberant, sunshiny personality. His style is generally comfortable but experimental and eccentric, featuring bright colors and bold combinations of pieces that most of us wouldn’t dare to wear together yet his bright personality allows him to pull these looks off flawlessly.