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Bible Timeline

Important Things You Should Do When Telling A Bible Story

Bible Lesson is the most important part of Children's Sunday School or Church classes and all other activities should revolve around that theme. Although there are many ways to share lessons learned, the story is still one of the most effective; if done correctly. 

When it comes time to tell the story of your Bible, here are seven things to consider. You can get more information about the bible timeline chart online at

Use your Bible. After all, you are telling a Bible story so you should use it and read from it a few times. Holding a Bible with you as you teach, it is a subtle reminder that you teach the Word of God. 

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It's not just a great story that you get from a book of fiction, but the real stories are recorded in the scriptures. It also helps to reinforce the importance of the Bible in their lives as children see you hold and use. 

You can save your lesson outlines in it that you can see when it's needed. TIP: If you will read passages from several different parts, their previous mark with sticky notes so you can find them quickly. Make sure the record is not too visible or can be a distraction.

Teaching with the Spirit. Enthusiasm is contagious. If you have time to teach, the children will catch it and be drawn into the story. Remember, the stories in the Bible really happen. They are not fairy tales. So when preparing, placing themselves in the story.