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All About the LEDs Lights

LED Selection

A special LED type is used in bands that change color. This type manages to combine the RGB light source point to produce a wider range of colors. As the band of a single color, LED color change can be used for various applications, while allowing the user to move from static to dynamic color choice with a selection of various control units.

When selecting LED lights, there are several aspects that need to be thought out thoroughly, including IP rating, the chip size, the brightness, the length and the driver. If you want to get more information about flash lighting bags then you can browse the web.

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Brightness levels

The brightness or power of a tape varies depending on the size and number of LEDs used. The LEDs used by the band are actually a compressed version called Devices or surface mounted SMDs for short. These SMDs are available in two sizes; 3258 and 5050 for small to larger ones. The power of the band depends on the number of LEDs. Therefore, the number of more LEDs corresponds to a brighter display and less LED per meter produce less power.


The LED drivers are necessary because the LED strips operate with a voltage of twelve volts direct, which lowers the voltage. These can usually be purchased with the tape kit or it can be purchased separately.