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When Should We Use Service of Recruitment Agency?

There are several instances when it makes sense to utilize a recruitment agency for open positions in your company.

1. You do not have the resources or time to recruit properly for the opening.

Some companies simply do not have the time or resources to do a proper search itself. A recruitment agency specializing in sourcing, screening, and qualification of high-quality candidates for the company and do it quickly.

When Should We Use Service of Recruitment Agency?

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2. The vacant position is critical to the success of your company.

senior positions such as the C-Suite, the level of VP and Sales Senior, Operations, or the role of Product Development, for example, is so very important to the success of your company that it would only make good business sense to have additional resources dedicated to finding the best candidate for the vacancy,

3. The role requires no special skills or background that are hard to find without a "headhunting" or target the skills of similar businesses. This one might be pretty obvious, but you do not tend to want to pick up the phone and call the office of your competitors to see if someone wants to come and work for you.

4. The opening needs to be filled immediately.

Recruiters have a large network of people and the wherewithal to get the job you are in front of a larger audience in a short time, or at least they should be. If you need someone right away, say to replace someone who suddenly left the recruiter is probably your best bet.