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What is Construction Law?


Construction has an enormous influence on everyone's lives. It provides our schools, homes, hospitals, and all the infrastructure that's essential for day to day living. 

Construction is a diverse field that encompasses projects ranging from large iconic structures to small domestic renovations. Construction also makes a significant contribution to the economy. As the nations developed, became complex and bigger so did construction which prompted the need for regulations that ensure the construction industry operates ethically, efficiently, and safely. These regulations are called construction law. Construction law is a field of law that deals with issues related to engineering, building construction, etc. It's a mixture of employment law, contract law, planning law, tort, and commercial law.

In construction law, you have a Construction Lawyer who plays an essential role to ensure that all the parties involved comply with all government regulations, that the right and responsibilities of the client are accurately set out in the contracts that reflect what they hope to achieve and that if any party infringes their rights, the contract allows them to pursue a remedy the court or some other form of dispute resolution. The drafting of the contract is one of the key tasks performed by a frontend construction lawyer and the center to the succession of any construction project. 

The contract outlines the roles and rest of the parties, allocates project risks, and sets out procedures to be avoidance management and resolution of disputes. The contract attempts to anticipate everything that might happen during construction and directs parties on as to how they should deal with such situations.