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BCA protein kit

What Are BCA Protein Estimation Kits Used for?

BCA, also known as Bicinchoninic Acid is a protein assay used to measure the total protein present in the sample to be tested. The total protein concentration is measured by the change of color from green to purple in the solution of the given sample, which can be measured using different colorimetric techniques.

The BCA protein solutions contain the ingredients in a very alkaline solution with a pH value of 11.25 like copper(CU) with other things. Here, two reactions take place. First, peptide bonds in proteins reduce ions of copper. You can buy a BCA protein estimation kit at

bca protein kit

The amount of reduced copper ions is equal to the amount of protein present in the given sample. Second, two molecules of BCA with each copper and ion form a purple complex that absorbs light. The combination of BCA and copper ions is influenced in protein samples with cysteine, tyrosine, side chains present in the solution.

The BCA protein assay test should be performed at a higher temperature as this increases the test sensitivity and also minimize the variation caused by the combination of amino acids that are not similar in nature. The amount of protein present in the solution can be measured by measuring the absorption spectrum and by comparing the protein solutions for different known concentrations.

BCA Protein estimation kit is a very sensitive colorimetric test kit that is compatible with soluble detergent protein solutions. This protein test kit is suitable for calculating different levels of protein solutions. So, buy a BCA protein assay kit to measure the number of proteins present in the given sample.