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barcode labels

Secrets to Choosing the Right Barcode Labels

If you are using barcoding as an advantage to improve your process, you'd expect that the solution will work as you expect it to. However, the choice of the correct barcode label is not always scrutinized enough. Making the right choice for the barcode label will ensure the highest efficiency and productivity is realized. 

The application of the barcode label is utilized for and then applied to, is important when choosing the right label. Outdoor or indoor use as well as the effects of humidity, as well as the temperature range are all questions you must decide on to select the appropriate barcode label.

Are your barcodes going to get exposed to harsh temperatures? Direct sunlight dirt, grease, temperatures, cold food, or another. Each of these situations needs to be taken into consideration for your barcode labels to work at their peak. Certain barcode labels have to last for a long period of time. 

However, other labels only need to be used for a limited time. The labels are not the only thing that needs to be able to stand the test of time, but also the barcode printed on them and any other information must be considered. Choosing the right face stock is vital. 

The choice between direct thermal or thermal transfer is just the initial step. You must then decide whether you want to use a paper label, vinyl, a synthetic material or perhaps plastic.