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bamboo fence panels

Tips For DIY Bamboo Fencing In Perth

Bamboo fences are not only fun but also have a positive ecological value. Bamboo is known to absorb more carbon dioxide and thus it is a good source of fresh, clean air around us.  

There are DIY bamboo fencing kits available in the market through which you can build your own bamboo fencing for your backyard or garden. If you stuck in between then you may take help from your nearest #1 bamboo screening panels suppliers in Perth for bamboo fencing.

Here is how you can make a simple fence:

Cutting bamboo

First, you start with the panel size of a standard length of 5 feet. It is important to note that the length of 5ft is recommended for a horizontal foundation alone. A vertical foundation or panel can be your choice.

Build panel

Panel for the bamboo fence will consist of three poles aligned horizontally and filled with lots of vertical posts as it can fit. The Nylon yarns are then fastened to one of the long-3foot; This should be done about 6inches of late.

Taking momentum

After a few steps 'wrapped around' you will pick up momentum and be able to build it faster until you have covered the entire length of 5 feet. Now is the time to secure the thread and knot it; remember not to release the tension on the thread otherwise he would lose grip.

Tips to tie the second and third panels

Place a second horizontal about 12inches down first. There is just enough space to repeat the weaving pattern and the second horizontal. Place the third horizontal is about 12 inches below the second; Make use of a baling needle to sew it.

Now you have your first bamboo fence panel prepared.