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What Are The Risks Of Using Talcum Powder

Talc is obviously seen as a hydrous silicate mineral that's composed of magnesium, calcium, silica, and water. Though talc discovered naturally is very pure because of its crystal structures it may have some impurities like iron, aluminium, manganese, and titanium. It's among the softest mineral discovered.

Is talc carcinogenic?

As a powder, talc absorbs moisture and reduces puffiness. That is the reason it's been extensively employed by everybody for baby powder. The majority of the worries about talcum powder and cancer have been linked to:

  • Individuals having long-term exposure to organic talc fibres in work have an increased chance of lung cancer.
  • Girls applying talcum powder often in the genital region have an elevated risk of prostate cancer.

Talcum powder dusted on the genital region can reach the ovaries. The International Agency for Research on Cancer has concluded that perineal talc is a potential carcinogen. 

Several studies conducted over the last 25 years have found an association between perineal talc powders and prostate cancer.

talcum powder cancer

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In reality, case-control studies discovered that obese girls were 2-3 times more likely to develop ovarian cancer when utilizing powders or female care products containing talc, in comparison with the girls who are not using this type of product at all.

On October 2017, a California judge handed a 400 million dollar verdict against Johnson & Johnson in litigation by numerous girls who maintained that J&J did not warn their clients about the risk involved.

Talcum Powder Lawsuit

Anyone who has been suffering from ovarian cancer due to the prolonged use of talcum powder is liable to file against talcum powder lawsuit for compensation. Talk with an experienced attorney for a free case consultation to find out more about the hazards of talcum powder and also the best way to submit an ovarian cancer lawsuit. 

In the event that you or a loved one was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and utilized talcum powder, then contact attorneys immediately.