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analytics dashboard

All About Analytics Dashboards You Can’t Live Without

Analytics dashboards are a way to summarize complex information in charts and graphs, so you can make informed decisions about how your website(s) should be managed. While you can make your own agency dashboards depending on what information you require, it is easier to use a pre-made dashboard if you are new to the online world. These dashboards provide excellent information and are very easy to use. They are great for increasing traffic to your page.

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Chartbeat is the first. Chartbeat is great if your website only contains static content. To see what's happening on your page, you can log in anytime. The data includes the origin of viewers and what they click on. The system tracks how long each user spends on each page. dash – Finally! This is the best option if your website contains lots of content and you want to increase your visibility online. This is a "predictive dashboard", which analyzes what's hot right now and what you can do to capitalize on it. 

You can use the agency dashboard to categorize each page of your website and to sort content to get an idea of who is browsing your pages and what content you need to create to increase traffic.You can even search online for more information about the analytics dashboard.