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aged care home

Choosing A Retirement Home

After retirement, you may want to downsize your property to something more manageable with easier access. However, before moving out of the area where you currently live, consider the impact of friends and the family left behind will have.

Retirement village

If it is a retirement village that you are considering, there are many benefits to move to one of these. Retirement villages are purpose-built to accommodate parents and will be designed to be safe and user friendly. You can also know more about retirement villages via

Other citizens will be of the same age and you will still have your independence with the additional security from the warden to assist if needed.

Most villages also have a good social life, an exercise regime and are close to local amenities. They also tend to be very safe and as a result, have a lower crime rate.

Easy access required

Search for social events and activities for retirees, there may be a new social life for you to discover. Safety is important, especially as we get older so that your new home should reflect this.

It's probably a good idea to choose a ground floor bungalow or house because there will be less chances of falling or slipping on steps and stairs.

Finally, talk to friends and family, take some time to work out the costs and make a list so that you can weigh all the pros and cons. Once you have all the facts, you can make an informed choice and have the house you want.