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Tips to Increase Your Swimming Speed

Swimming is one of the most effective and enjoyable ways to stay fit. But if swimming means more to you than just a way to lose weight, then you want to excel in this sport trying to optimize your swimming speed. To achieve this, it is recommended for swimming lessons to participate, learn swimming techniques and master them under proper supervision of your swimming school.

It is very important to follow the technique of swimming that you can optimize your speed. Your first inspection area should be your kicks since they generate propulsion that drives the body forward. Most swimmers make the mistake of waiting up kicking generate greater propulsion.

Image Source: Goolge

But it was actually the opposite effect. The ability to exert more force to move forward is decreased when the foot goes out of the water. At the same time, completely submerged feet will not kicker very effectively.

Therefore, the question is exactly what should be the position of the feet while kicking. Swimmer’s experts suggest that the ideal gap between the backs of the feet and the water surface should be less than one inch. Another memory of the important value is the optimum power is generated when the maximum area of the foot is used to break the water.