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Steps Performed By Salon For Male Waxing In Hong Kong

Once you arrive at the salon, prepare yourself for waxing treatment. You'll be led to a room where you have to change your clothes for waxing process. Some waxing salons for male waxing in Hong Kong provide a large selection of men's wear disposable thongs but do not count on it. If you insist on wearing a banana hammock, you should inquire about the salon policy when you make your appointment.

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1. Skin Preparation

Once you are placed, your technicians will prepare by cleaning your pubic area with anti-bacterial solutions that are intended to keep harmful germs from entering your soon-to-be-open wound.

2. Measurement of Hair

It is exactly as weird as it sounds. Your technician will measure the length of your hair. He will also ask how much hair you want to leave. If you want some hair intact when removal is complete, you should be able to explain your vision of your hip area so that he has an idea to work from.

3. Wax on, Wax Off

This is the part you've been waiting for. Your technician will dip a wooden stick into the hot wax and apply a sticky substance to all of the areas around it by spreading a thin layer of wax, covering all the hair you want to disappear.

It will settle into place for a few seconds, and before you could bat an eye, you will have no conscious tears well up in your eyes.

The technician applies the wax and will be withdrawn immediately from the skin or press a sheet of paper-like material on top of the wax, which serves as a hair-removal vessel.

This is how the process goes on until all the hair is removed from the desired parts of the body.