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Sewing Machine Warranty Information

I am looking for some realistic information about the warranty on a sewing machine. I have read many, many reviews of the best sewing machines and I can only find limited information about the warranty on the machines. Before I purchase one, I want to learn as much as I can about which machine I should buy.

In the sewing machine reviews, I read a lot about the different features of the machines, and peoples opinions and experiences with the machines, but not a lot of warranty information. To me, this is one of the determining factors in making this large purchase.

I want to know how long most warranties last, as well as what I could expect them to cover. I am also wondering how long the machine can realistically be expected to last after the warranty expires, and what sorts of problems people have encounter after warranty expiration. I am sure that it varies from brand to brand, but some general information about this topic would be helpful.

Like I said, the sewing machine reviews I have been reading do not mention this type of information and I feel that it is important for consumers to know what to expect to get the best of ideas before making commitments!