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Resume Writing Tips – 3 Ways of Not Getting The Job

You have to sit at the computer for hours squinting at your resume, and the words began to spiral into the canter of the screen. You have to follow all the rules that you find in resume writing online help guide, but still no luck in landing the job you want.

There are plenty of articles out there with tips for writing a perfect resume, but not quite that tells you what not to do. Sometimes you have to learn what not to do to get something right. You can get quality professional resumes from professional resume writers.

Here are a few mistakes to continue:

1. Write Resume untraditional

While creativity is a good thing, leave for canvas, not your resume. One of the easiest ways to make it into the trash can rather than your new table using unconventional fonts, images, paper perfumed, etc busy Human Resources (HR) professionals want easy to read and formatted in a clean and professional manner.

2. Concentrate on Your Goals

The purpose of your resume is to showcase your skills, experience, and why you would bring value to a potential employer. The worst thing you can do is to use your resume to state what you want rather than what you can offer. Writing your resume to a potential employer, not for ourselves.

3. Provide Too Personal Information

When a potential employer wants to know the name of your dog, they will ask you for it. The only personal information you should include in your resume is the number name, address, email, and phone.