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Regular or Automated Smart Locks

People in desperate situations resort to desperate measures. Lock picking is a popular option for those who need to gain access to a building or room without having the key. Although this is often the case, most people associate picking locks with burglary or home invasion.

Lock picking can be very useful in many situations. It can be difficult to lose your house key or lock your car keys inside the car. 

How to Choose a Lock

Although it may seem easy, picking a lock is not. Check out here the two popular kind of locks:

Automated Locks 

Technology innovations have made many things possible for humanity. Security systems and home automation have made it easier to keep people safe and secure. Automated keyless door locks as featured on are the latest developments in locks.

They allow for entry without the use of keys. These smart locks can also be opened via a web-based or mobile app. You only need an internet connection or GSM mobile cellular connection to open these smart locks. These automated door locks can be integrated with your wireless security alarm system so you know immediately when someone is tampering with them.

Master Locks


Are you assuming that locks can be easily picked? You might be wrong. Master locks are more difficult than other types of locks. Master locks are designed to provide excellent protection and are less susceptible to being picked than other types of locks.

Master locks were invented by Henry Soref, in 1921. They are made of laminated layers from pure steel. Master locks are similar to other types of locks in that they use the same picking system. Professional locksmiths must have the patience and skills to pick master locks.