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Reasons Why Women Thinks About Using Egg Donor

Survey says that 4% of all IVF cycles carried out last year, which accounted for just less than 2,000 cycles and all used the egg donation process.

All around the world, 4,000 couples who had IVF (In-Vito-Fertilization) using an egg donor and sperm donors in 2014, the vast majority – 59% using donor egg IVF. You can also consult a reliable fertility specialist in Cape Town to get the best fertility treatment.

So what are the most common reasons for the need of an egg donor? There are several reasons for infertility and health problems that lead to having an egg donor.

1. Infertility due to Aging:  Many women decide to have children later in life but this leads them to poor egg quality. They need to compromise with the quality. Women, especially in their 50s, an egg donor; younger women give her the best chance for the family.

2. Ovulation problems: Some women are unable to produce eggs of their own and for this, the reason is premature menopause. They do not have their eggs for use, and so they need an egg donor.

3. Medical Treatment: Many medical treatments directly affect fertility. Women who pass through this situation choose the eggs to have a family.

4. Genetic Condition: Sometimes, women may decide to use an egg donor as she carries the genetic or hereditary conditions that can be passed to the child if she uses her eggs.

So there are a lot of reasons; circumstances and situations in which the donor eggs are used in the treatment.