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Read Guide for Working Safely Near Underground Assets

Underground utility contractors use many types of equipment in order to work perfectly.

Examine the Area with a Test Hole

After finding the asset location, a test hole should be utilized to ascertain the accurate location and depth of the asset.

Although using insulated hand tools is considered a safe excavation procedure; however, care must be taken so as to avoid any unseen accidents because if used imperfectly can lead to damages to the asset.

You can also hire general engineering utility services in Los Angeles from if needed.

Water jetting and high-velocity air jets incorporating vacuum removal of excavated soil to expose buried assets are among the other safety procedures for excavating.

Nonetheless, their use might be restricted by the ground conditions and type of soil. Safety measures need to be taken to thwart any injury from ejected soil. Whatever procedure you might opt for, you will need to execute it with ample caution.

Prior to digging work or water jetting near a high voltage electrical cable, you need to check with your local electricity distribution company to find out if there are any special conditions that apply. 

Though homeowners can also use a plunger or drain cleaner to tackle small blockage issues, if that doesn't work due to a possible stubborn blockage, you should call a professional plumber to handle your drain/sewer blockage.