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Medical Wellness Visit: What Should I Expect?

You're about to visit your doctor for a medical wellness checkup. This article will discuss what you should expect during your medical wellness visit, how it differs from appointments in other parts of the office, and what steps you can take ahead of time to feel more prepared.

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What to Expect During a Wellness Visit

When you go to the doctor, you might expect a diagnosis and a treatment plan. But when you go for a wellness visit, your doctor might simply want to get a sense of how you're doing and what you need help with. 

During a wellness visit, your doctor might ask about your symptoms, how long they've been present, what kind of activities make them worse and what kind of activities make them better. He or she might also ask about your diet and whether you're taking any supplements.

Your physical exam will typically last about 30 minutes. During the exam, your doctor will ask you about your symptoms and health history. They may also perform a physical examination.

What Kinds of Tests Will do I Receive?

When you go for a medical wellness visit, your doctor will likely ask about your family history, current health status, and recent medical experiences. They may also order tests to determine if you have any medical conditions or if you are at risk of developing one. Some common tests that may be ordered during a medical wellness visit include:

1. A physical examination to check your overall health and look for signs of illness

2. A blood test to measure your cholesterol, blood sugar, and other symptoms

3. A urinalysis to look for signs of kidney or bladder problems

4. An x-ray to see if there is anything wrong with your bones or joints