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Knowing About Fused Dichroic Pendants

You may have seen the beautiful jewelry that is labeled as 'dichroic' and wondered what exactly does it mean? Dichroic comes from the Greek meaning two colors. Glass seems different colors when viewed from different angles or in different light levels.

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Colored Seashells Decal Sheet

In basic terms, it means that the dichroic mirror reflects one color when light reflected from the surface and transmits a second color when light passes through it.

Dichroic glass today is an offshoot of the space program in which it is used in faceplates to filter out the unwanted light spectrum. Dichroic glass currently has many different applications of exquisite jewelry that is used by the artist for the optical industry and security.

The process used to make the highly technical and dichroic glass called 'Thin Film Physics'. This is an expensive process in which the first glass is cleaned to a molecular level and then coated with a thin film of elements such as titanium, magnesium, zirconium and others.

The elements are vacuum deposited onto the glass. Up to thirty layers can be applied and used elements are what gives the glass a variety of colors available. The time required in the vacuum vessel can last from two and a half to four hours, hence the reason for the high cost of this unique glass.

Fused dichroic pendants have become the hot new thing in the world of jewelry! Glass properties usually make these pendants statement pieces because they are so unusual. Pendant makes a great gift because even though they are handmade you can pick them up for an attractive price.