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Know The Difference Between Net, Mesh And Vinyl Pool Covers

Pool covers are essential for any pool owner. Not only does it keep your pool clean, it also keeps children and pets safe from drowning into the pool. You can not use just any other material that is large enough to cover your pools. 

A real pool cover is fashioned in a way that provides optimum protection for your pool. You can check here different types of pool covers that you can use in your pool.

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It has three different types, each with their own advantages and disadvantages:

1. Net Covers

Imagine that the net is used to catch circus performers' top wire acts in case they fall; this is what a net cover looks like. It works the same way; they keep people from plummeting to the ground or in the pool. Children do not confuse it as to a solid surface so they do not even dare to go overboard.

2. Mesh Covers

Mesh covers are like very thin threads. It will catch most of the debris such as small rocks and dried leaves. However, water can still easily pass through it. He can not catch microscopic particles of dirt and microorganisms. 

Nevertheless, it still does a good job keeping large debris out of the water thus preventing clogging of filters and making it easier to clean the pool.

3. Vinyl Sheets

This type of pool covers are completely solid. Even water can pass through it so even microscopic dirt can not get into your pool. It can even block the heat in your water saving you additional costs for heating water. They are also mainly used for wintering pools. It is much more expensive than the other two though.