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Know More About Canadian Education News Reports

With the rise of technology, schools are now focusing on innovation as they look to prepare students for the future. Schools not only need to provide a solid education but also create a curriculum that is relevant to the changing world. 

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Since the last educational update, there have been some big news stories in Canadian education. 

First and foremost, the latest budget from the Government of Canada has allocated $10 billion for post-secondary education over the next 10 years. This is a huge increase from the previous budget where only $5.3 billion was allotted for post-secondary education. 

Second, McGill University announced that they will be accepting applications starting later this year for their incoming Class of 2022. The Class of 2022 is estimated to be the largest in McGill’s history with an enrollment of 3,500 students. 

Third, Quebec passed a bill legalizing university tuition increases for students who are studying outside of Quebec. Quebec has been working hard to reform its education system for a number of years now. last month, the Quebec government announced plans to overhaul the province's public school system. The reforms will include introducing new curriculum guidelines, increasing funding for schools, and creating new teacher training programs. The goal of the reforms is to help prepare students for future careers in a competitive global economy.