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Know How Safari Holiday Right For You?

When you think Safari Vacation you imagine seeing a lion and zebra in the African bush, but there is a huge selection of destinations and types of safaris to choose from.

Safari is the Swahili word for the journey but what kind of journey that entails entirely up to you. For many choose safari is defined first and foremost by wildlife; What iconic animals can be seen in certain areas. Most visitors want to experience the ideal safari and see the famous 'Big Five' was initially regarded by hunters as the largest and most animals 'dangerous' in Africa – lion, leopard, rhino, buffalo and elephant.

Luxury lodge in Uganda and Kenya Lake Nakuru and Masai Mara reserve the opportunity to discover these creatures though as with anything depending on nature there is no guarantee all bids.    

Elephants are always a favorite on safari holidays and animal world can be found in the Chobe National Park and Levant areas of Botswana. If you prefer to see the gorillas and other primates such as chimpanzees beautiful forest of Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania is home to a number of isolated communities, including very rare Mountain Gorilla.

Sightings of big cats are always magical and the highlight of any safari. The best time for sightings is during the spectacular annual wildebeest migration in the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania and the famous Masai Mara in Kenya. Here you will see lions and cheetahs stalking prey in action and make the most of the influx of reindeer