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Know About Cheerleading Stunts

Cheerleading stunts are by far the most thrilling aspect of the game. Everyone enjoys the exhilarating rush that they experience when watching cheerleaders fly through the air with dexterity, athleticism, and grace.

But, before performing any of the cheerleading routines, every member of the group must have a solid and full knowledge of the stunt process and their part in the event to ensure that they do not risk hurting anyone who is involved in the act. You can get the stunt training classes via

The three roles of cheerleading stunts are flyers spots and bases. As the name suggests, the flyer is the cheerleader that is thrown up high in the course of the event. They are generally the smallest, lightest, and most athletic members of the team.

The bases are the primary support for the flier before and during the event. This is why bases are often seen as the most challenging position to perform in cheerleading since it demands a lot of mental and physical strength.

The base is typically the most powerful and tallest player on the team since they are the ones who lift their fliers and then throw them up into the air.

In the end, the spots or spotters are members of the team who ensure there is nothing wrong during the performance and have to keep their eyes on the flyer throughout the event. They are charged with the crucial responsibility of keeping track of the amount of time needed for the stunt and are generally the most agile, vigilant, and aggressive squad members.